Hand & Wrist Surgery

Hand and wrist pain often impact everyday activities like opening a jar, using a computer, playing tennis, or practicing yoga. If medication, rest, physical therapy, or other nonsurgical treatments have not reduced your pain, visit Clearpoint Health Network for a hand or wrist surgery consultation at one of our private surgery clinics throughout Canada, including Calgary, Toronto, and Winnipeg. Our team of hand and wrist specialists offers world-class medical care without a long wait. There’s no need to live with pain. Contact Clearpoint Health Network to get the care you need without the wait. We serve patients from across Canada, the U.S., and all over the world, who are seeking rapid access to expert private medical care.

Why Choose Us for Private Hand Or Wrist Surgery in Canada

  • No waitlists: See a highly qualified specialist for a consultation or treatment within days or weeks.
  • Receive treatment in Canada: No need to travel out of the country for timely treatment. You can receive the care you need either inside or outside your home province.
  • Top Canadian surgeons: Our team includes highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons and orthopedic hand and wrist surgeons, many of whom are leaders in their field of specialty.
  • In-depth consultations: Consultations, which can take place over video conference or in person, last about 60 minutes to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed.
  • State-of-the-art care: Our surgeons use the latest medical technology and minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques for better outcomes, less post-op pain, and quicker recovery than traditional techniques.
  • Patient-focused setting: We designed our centres with our patients’ privacy, safety, and comfort in mind.

When Should I Go To a Doctor for Hand or Wrist Pain?

Hand or wrist pain may be caused by a sudden injury, gradual degenerative changes from a health condition like arthritis, or long-term problems such as repetitive stress or carpal tunnel syndrome. If symptoms persist in spite of nonsurgical treatments, it’s time to see a specialist at Clearpoint Health Network. Early, accurate diagnosis and treatment of hand and wrist pain can make a significant difference in the long run.

How Much Does Hand and Wrist Surgery Cost in Canada?

Because each patient has unique needs, we cannot quote hand or wrist surgery prices on our website. You will be given a personalized cost estimate of possible surgery or treatment options when you contact our patient coordinators.

Where Will My Hand/Wrist Surgery Take Place?

Hand and wrist surgery is performed in our private, state-of-the-art facilities in Canada. The specific location for your surgery will depend on the procedure you are having performed. You will have to travel to another province within Canada, but your consultation can take place locally or via telephone or video conference.

What Is the Process for Meeting with a Hand and Wrist Specialist?

Our process begins with a pre-qualification call with a patient coordinator to ensure you are fully informed. During this call, you will be asked to describe your concerns and review:

  • Your medical history
  • Possible treatment options
  • Potential risks and complications
  • Locations for your surgery (you may need to travel to another province)
  • Procedure costs
  • Payment options

Before your consultation, you will need to have any X-rays or other diagnostic imaging sent to us. Consultations can take place via telephone or video conference.

If you are ready to discuss your hand and wrist surgery needs with our surgeons, contact us to learn more and request a consultation at one of our private health care locations in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto or Winnipeg today. You have options for private healthcare and private surgery in Canada.

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