Achilles Tendon Surgery

Achilles tendon surgery repairs or reconstructs a damaged or ruptured achilles tendon, which impacts walking, running, and jumping.

Achilles tendon repair or reconstruction surgery is carried out by a subspecialty orthopedic surgeon to repair a torn or chronically damaged  Achilles tendon. A torn Achilles tendon is a common injury among people who play sports that involve a lot of lunging, jumping, and pivoting. It can also result from tendonitis caused by repeated stress or overuse wear and tear on the tendon. People with shorter calf muscles can also be more at risk for a ruptured Achilles tendon. A torn or ruptured tendon typically leads to ankle pain and swelling, and a reduction in the foot’s range of movement.

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Patients from across Canada and all over the world choose Clearpoint Health’s private medical clinics for Achilles tendon repair surgery. Our foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons have years of experience and excellence in performance and outcome with this procedure. They are committed to helping you regain full motion in your ankle and foot so that you can take part in sports and other activities again. We strive to provide exceptional pre- and post-operative care. Combined with our patient centred philosophy, we aim to provide all our patients with a compassionate, caring, and rewarding experience. You have options in Canada for private healthcare to expedite your Achilles tendon repair. Clearpoint Health is a network of accredited private medical clinics across Canada, with centres in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

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What does Achilles tendon surgery treat?

Achilles tendon surgery repairs a chronic painfully inflamed or ruptured Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is the body’s largest tendon. It is a strong, cord-like tissue that attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone. The Achilles tendon lifts the heel and controls the foot’s movements when walking, running, and jumping. Achilles tendon repair or reconstruction surgery can eliminate ankle pain and restore function and stability to the foot in patients when walking, running, and jumping.

What to expect with Achilles tendon surgery

Achilles tendon surgery requires general anesthesia. This means the patient is unconscious for the duration of the procedure. Patients may need to follow specific advice around what to eat and drink, and what medications to take or not take, within a certain time period before Achilles tendon repair surgery.

The surgeon first makes a small incision in the calf. The surgeon then assesses what needs to be done.  In the case of chronic tendinossis, the tendon is incised in damaged areas in the case of rupture, the surgeon stitches the torn tendon together, after first removing the damaged part of the tendon if necessary. If the Achilles tendon is very badly damaged, the surgeon may remove all or part of the tendon and replace it with tissue taken from elsewhere in the foot. In this case, the surgeon will make other small incisions to remove that tendon.

Recovery after Achilles tendon surgery

After surgery, the patient is taken to a recovery room to be monitored in case there are any complications. Achilles tendon repair surgery is typically outpatient surgery that doesn’t require an overnight stay. The patient must have someone on-hand to drive them home.

Patients are likely to need a splint, cast, or another support device on the ankle, and may need to use crutches. Patients will receive instruction on using the crutches before leaving our facility and will be given instructions for what they should and shouldn’t do to maximize their recovery. The cast may need to be worn for six to 12 weeks.

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