A Letter to Our Patient Community About COVID-19

Last updated: April 1, 2022

Clearpoint Health Network surgical centres across Canada are fully open and operating. 

Ontario COVID-19 Update:

Don Mills Surgical Unit and Clearpoint Surgical Toronto are open and operating. We recommend out of province patients take a rapid test before their plane trip, and review their province’s provincial guidelines for possible COVID-19 related travel rules and restrictions. Out of province patients will be tested by our team for COVID-19 the day of their surgery. Our team continues to follow infection prevention protocols, such as screening all patients and staff.

If you have any questions about Clearpoint Surgical Toronto, please contact the clinic at 416-441-2111 or 1-888-857-6069.

Manitoba COVID-19 Update:

Maples Surgical Centre is open and operating. Out of province patients require a PCR test to be facilitated 10 days before their surgery and the results sent to the surgical centre as soon as possible. Patients must arrive in Winnipeg 24-hours before their surgery and take a second PCR test in the afternoon or evening prior to surgery.

We Are Committed to Your Safety

With the rise in COVID positive cases across the country, there has been much talk in the media of hospitals once again having to close down elective surgery due to the strain on ICU and Emergency Departments as a result of admitted COVID patients. Acute care hospitals are responsible to respond to COVID patients but we do not have ICU or ER services at our locations and as such do not provide care for COVID positive patients.

We appreciate that the daily media coverage on this subject paints a concerning picture. The ongoing efforts of our physicians and staff to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have allowed us to serve our patient communities across the country. In many of our facilities we continue to have all our patients tested for COVID prior to their surgery as an added precaution.

There are no plans to delay or discontinue elective surgery and in fact we have responded to the request of the Governments across Canada to provide additional provincially funded procedures to assist in wait list management in our community. Working with our physicians and staff, we are responding to this request by extending our working week hours and opening for surgery on weekends where necessary.

As you will note from your contact with us in scheduling or confirming your scheduled consultation or surgery we have taken great care to do everything necessary to keep us all safe and we will continue these protocols to allow us to carry on serving you and our community.

We ask you as an individual to continue to be vigilant in your activities and follow all COVID healthcare prevention protocols to protect each other and our loved ones during these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 Testing Protocol for Surgery Patients:

  • Patients are required to take a COVID-19 test 7 days (Ontario, Manitoba) before their surgery date.
  • If you are travelling patients are advised to quarantine upon arriving in the province until the day of surgery. Please note that a quarantine period may be required depending on provincial guidelines.
  • Patients may be required to quarantine upon returning to their home province depending on their provincial guidelines.

Safety Protocols for Staff and Patients

Hygiene and sanitation

While we have always been dedicated to providing a clean and safe hospital environment, we will be enhancing both our sanitation procedures and their frequency. We are committed to the highest level of care and attention. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Use of professional-grade disinfectant
  • Increased cleaning of all common areas, service rooms and high touch surfaces several times daily
  • Where required, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks,
    and proper hygiene measures (proper hand washing and sanitizing)
Our team

Our health care professionals and staff are happy to service you from a safe distance. Our heath care team has been properly trained on all safety and public health safety measures. This includes but is not limited to:

  • All employees will answer screening questionnaires and will have their temperature taken first thing in the morning when they arrive.
  • Any employees exhibiting symptoms will be sent home.
  • All staff will be required to wear PPE when not at their own designated workstation area
  • All workstations will meet the guideline of physical distancing (6 feet)
  • All workstations and common areas will have hand sanitizer available
  • All Clinical Care team members are required to wear a mask, gloves, and a gown
Physical distancing

Management of traffic flow and physical distancing measures are in place at our clinic, to ensure a fluid and safe experience for all patients and staff. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Signage displayed throughout the office (reception / common areas / consultation rooms) that will communicate policy and instruction
  • Physical distancing (6 feet apart) will be adhered to
  • Only patients will be allowed to enter the premises, family and friends will stay outside
  • All patients will be required to wait in their vehicle and will receive a call / text from reception when the Clinical Care team are ready
  • Patients will be coming in through the front entrance and exiting through the back to avoid any further touchpoints with employees or possibly another patient

We are booking all surgeries based on a schedule and timeline that best adheres to public health guidelines, including social distancing measures. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Staggered scheduling for patients
  • Extended duration in between appointments to allow time for cleaning and disinfecting of the examination rooms
  • PPE for patients prior to allowing access into main office area
  • The clinical care team will be noting any employees who had interaction with the patient for tracking purposes