Get the health care you deserve.

There is no need to leave Canada to get the health care you deserve when it is available right here at home.

Get the health care you deserve.

There is no need to leave Canada to get the health care you deserve when it is available right here at home.

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COVID-19 Update

Clearpoint Health Network is taking measures to ensure the safety of our employees, physicians and patients.  We are following public health guidelines and have put in place the proper protocols to safely reopen our centres.  We are conducting virtual consultations with physicians and our clinical staff will be able to assist you with booking your surgery.  We look forward to providing you with expedited surgical health care, so you can start living your best life today.

Welcome to Clearpoint Health Network

Clearpoint Health Network is Canada’s largest network of independent surgical and medical centres across Canada. Our health care offerings include cosmetic, diagnostic, general, orthopedic and weight loss services. We aim to provide our patients with excellence in health care, by recruiting passionate and professional staff with the right fit to deliver that care. 

Clearpoint Health believes that patients should be treated as people, not just numbers. We focus on giving the best care possible and building supportive relationships with our patients – because we are invested in their ability to live their lives to the fullest.

At Clearpoint Health, we have a deep culture of caring. Our team members work to uphold and further our vision and mission through this – Live Better Today. We believe that the start of great patient care comes from within our health care team, which is why we provide our staff with the top-notch training they need to assist our patients.

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Live Better With Clearpoint

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Knee icon
Orthopedic - Hips, Knees, Shoulders

Our Orthopedic Department specializes in procedures related to tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints.

Weight Icon

You have your own reasons for why you want to lose weight, but it is likely that improving your health is one of them.

plastic surgery
Plastic Surgery

We offer a range of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that address aging, body proportions, or features patients wish to modify.

Hernias Icon

A minimally invasive procedure that treats hernias, which occur when a piece of intestine or other organ pushes through surrounding muscle.

back pain icon

Back surgery is a procedure that aims to change a patient’s anatomy, such as removing a herniated disc that is causing pain, with the purpose of providing pain relief.

Reversal Vasectomy
Reversal Vasectomy

Vasectomy reversal reconnects the tubes that were cut during a vasectomy, but a man now wishes to have children.

About Clearpoint Health Network

We are fully accredited surgical centres located across Canada. Our highly qualified surgeons use the most innovative tools and techniques to ensure our patients have the best outcomes possible. Our clinic staff are eager to help you answer your questions and take care of all the details.


Above all else, we put our patients first. We listen to your needs and make sure that you feel supported through every step of the process.

A Network of Health Care Specialists are Waiting for You at Clearpoint

Get timely access to a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures at five centres across Canada. Receive world-class care in state-of-the-art facilities.

Our Values


Our staff act in ways that demonstrate personal integrity and serve as a positive example of how to deliver the best health care possible to our patient community.


Our staff’s reputation is widely trusted, they are seen as truthful individuals, and they don’t misrepresent themselves for personal gain. They adhere to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times and act in line with those values.


Clearpoint Health staff are passionate about our patients and the care that we provide them. They strive towards always doing the best that they can for our patients because they are passionate about serving the greater good.

Surgery Available in Canada

Canada is home to some of the world’s best surgeons, specialists and medical practitioners, and Clearpoint Health Network is proud to employ many of them. They in turn are proud to practice in a modern facility with access to the most innovative medical equipment available.


If you’ve been looking for patient-centred care and exceptional outcomes, traveling to Clearpoint is your clear choice.

“I am very impressed with the high level of efficient and high quality of healthcare I received at your surgery clinic and continue to receive from your Don Mills Surgical Centre. There is a substantial difference when compared to all Public Healthcare. Thank you to you, and all your supporting doctors, nurses, coordinators, dieticians – you have an excellent team of highly efficient and engaged people and professionals. MGB weight loss patient, 58 years old, BMI 40

Five Clearpoint Surgical Centres Across Canada

Surgical Centre
Toronto, ON

SmartShape Weight
Loss Centre
Mississauga, ON

Surgical Centre
Winnipeg, MB

Surgical Centre
Calgary, AB

Surgical Centre
Vancouver, BC